Feeling the Love


h, to be bitch slapped. Thanks to Avidevi, Marie, and especially the Fongster–you really know how to bitch slap. I can just feel the love. Ooo! Ow! Oh yes, slap me one more time! Hahahhaahhaha. Just kidding, guys.

Just FYI, I did buy M a gift when I went to LA two weeks ago, but you know me. I forgot I bought it! Hahahhahaa. LA has many more sizes and styles for athletic shoes, so I got her a couple of pairs while I was there. So while I forgot–only for like 24 hours–that it was her birthday, I hadn’t completely forgotten it. I just happened to forget it on HER BIRTHDAY! Okay, you can bitch slap me some more. C’mon, I can take it. This is what happens when you get old.

After I got home from work, we went out to our favorite watering hole. For you guys in Fairfax, if you ever get a chance to go to Glory Days–Pan Am Square–drop by, I’ll buy ya a drink if I’m there–usually Friday nights or sometimes Saturdays. Sometimes both. We are true lushes.

Primitive Man

The other day, I was watching the discovery channel, the documentary on the story of evolution theory. As usual, they introduced the many attempts to find the “missing link” and did their usual dramatic recreations–obviously because they had place to plug in video equipment 50,000 years ago when Neanderthal men met our ancestors, homo something or other. Well, yesterday, M told me I kinda reminded her of one of these permodern men.

I was about to take a shower when a particualr thought crossed my mind for the paper I’m still trying to write. Not wanting to lose the thought down the shower drain, I walked over to the computer and started typing. M came into the room with folded laundry and started to laugh boisterously.

“You look like one of those apemen on TV,” she barely said as she laughed.

“Whaddya mean? Me? An apeman?”

“Well, maybe with a little less hair,” she said laughing even harder.

Okay, so I was sitting in front of my computer buck naked. Big deal. Doesn’t everyone do that from time to time? Actually, I think she had one of those 2000: A Space Odyssey images in her head. You know, that monkey/apeman-confused-by-techonology scene. There I was, naked, staring intently at the screen, seemingly punching random keys with my index fingers on a machine I could not understand.

Alright, I’m not so technologically advanced, and my brand new Toshiba laptop keyboard confuses me from time to time. But that doesn’t make me an apeman. Tarzan, maybe. But no apeman…

So have you ever sat and typed on your computer buck naked? And just to be clear about this, I mean to type with your fingers…