Lactose Intolerant


o yesterday, for forgetting the ACTUAL date of M birthday, we went shopping. We went to a place called Dick’s Sporting Goods, which is pretty high end in Virginia. There we bought her a couple of swim suits. and some Under Armor for her training. Then we went to Artie’s, an Amercian pub/grill. I have never been dissappointed, no matter what I have ordered there. It’s probably the best restaurant in Fairfax County.

The problem started when we got home. The night before, Friday, we had a small party for M’s aerobics students and their family, and I also invited my summer students. Actually, the party was for my students but M asked if she could invite her students, too, and of course I said “yes”, and they out numbered my students 2 to 1. Oh well. But the problem was not the party, but what some people brought to party. Now, I love pastries and of course choux creme, but one of my wife’s students brought bite size ice cream choux creme. On Firdasyk, I didn’t eat that much, but yesterday, after shopping and eating at Artie’s, I got home and, drunk, I started popping these choux creme into my mouth., I think I ate about a dozen!

Yes, lactose intolerant Onigiriman ate one dozen choux creme. Remember that the filling is full of dairy produsts, but worse, the outside is a creme puff cover that is almost al butter, my worst enemy!

So this morning, I woke up as if my stomach was holding a major revolution. Shit! And to top it off, I had to go down to Ballston because one of my students had forgotten his backpack at my house on Friday.

Ugh. So today, I went to Ballston to return his bag–Ballston is half-way from my house and school. And with M, we went…. drinking again! I think I’m dying….

Someone, please save me. My stomach can’t take any more….

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2 Comments on “Lactose Intolerant”

  1. Panda Says:

    Its this Asian thing…. why are so many Asians LI? Im partly LI…. interestingly, I dont get sick from Japanese milk or the whole milk in the US, but man, feed me non fat or skim, im dead

  2. ws Says:

    So – I’ll always be a post behind until I join Xanga and the “GW Snobs” blogring is almost incentive enough. I didn’t realize professors actually grade papers/exams, I just thought it was arbitrary…j/k. I answered the “Phil” question – I was surprised at the question though…

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