Quick Question


have a question for all you computer and Internet experts. Verizon Fios optical Internet lines are now available in my area. In terms of speed, they are basically the same as my current cable service, Cox Communications–15 mbps download, 2 mbps upload. The difference is that Fios is $20 cheaper a month. Cox has been a major headache ever since they were my cable TV carrier, which is why I switched to Dish satellite. I wanted to quit their Internet service but they were the only provider in town, unless I wanted to go with dialup or DSL, and cable is much faster.

But now I have an option.

Cox provided e-mail addresses and webspace where I can upload my images when I share them with you guys here–70 mb total. Fios offers nine e-mail addresses and 10 mb of webspace.

Okay, here’s the question. Has anyone heard anything about Verizon’s Fios? Does anyone actually use it? It’s optic fibers so I can’t think of anything bad to say about it technologically, although Cox claims that Verizon cut and duct taped their lines when Verizon was laying down its own lines. They sound like kids fighting over a small piece of pie.

Also, does anyone know where I can get web space to upload images if I decide to quit Cox. I have more than 10 mb of images and other stuff, so the 10 mb that Fios offers isn’t enough.

Thanks for your input, guys…