Is it Sunday Already? II


h my God. I can’t believe I went a WHOLE week without even looking at Xanga! Me! The prototypical Xangaholic, not even checking my comments for… a WEEK! Okay, so where do I turn in my official Xanga secret decoder ring. I am so not worthy…

Anyway, I have spent the last week doting on wife and family. I have been working non-stop for what seems like two years. During my last two recent breaks–winter and spring breaks–I was sick, so neither was really a vacation. Yeah, this was the first real break I’ve had in a while. I should have been working on the paper that’s due… last June! But I needed to be with the family and relax.

Of course, it was not all relaxation. M and I had to go to court last Wednesday to resolve her permanent residency status. I am happy to report that the judge saw fit to stay the proceedings and rule that the issue is administratively finished since we have already completed most of the necessary paperwork and seem to be on the right track again. In other words, M is no longer under the threat of being removed from the country. Of course, the case is not completely closed as we need to file the appropriate papers to “remove conditions” of her green card. So this weekend was spent putting together evidence that proves that we are still married and living together–a letter from our bank, affidavits from friends, etc.

I wish we had had the wherewithal to go somewhere, but lawyers fees and my new computer have basically left me broke. No, worse than broke, in debt! I not only have no money, and the money I earn I owe to the bank. I also had my car worked on last week and there were some issues with the front axle which cost me another $1400. So, yeah, I did not have the ability to take the family anywhere. The only thing I could give them was my time, so I gave it.

Now school starts this week, and once again it is busy, busy busy. But I’m back on Xanga for the duration. Hope all of you have been well for the past week. I will try to make the rounds as soon as possible.

And thanks to all you who offered advice and help regarding the last two entries.

Peace, all…

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