Labor Day


oday is the last day of summer. Well, school has already started so I suppose it’s no big deal butMaurice Drew on a punt return TD it is sad to think that many of us have to get back to the grind. I had to teach over the summer, so it wouldn’t seem like I had time off, but as I have mentioned before, the summer students were motivated and very easy to teach. No complaining, no wisecracks, no lip. Just a bunch of good kids study very hard. So it was actually a very easy job for me to teach them. Basically I just pointed them in the right direction. So, yeah, I’m kinda sad that summer is over since fall semester brings with it the other students, those whom I am “privileged” to teach. *ahem*

Bruins Win

#21, Maurice Drew, only ran for 194 all-purpose yards. He had three TDs, one a 64 yard run from scrimmage, another on a 72 yard punt return. This guy is like a bowling ball. He’s listed at 5’9″–I need to use whatever measuring stick he’s using–and he bounces off would-be tacklers like it’s nobody’s business. Thanks to his efforts, my Bruins won 44-21 against San Diego State. Right, SD State is no football powerhouse, but I’ll take a “W” anyway I can. And the way he played Saturday night, I almost want to give him a kiss, dreadlocks and all… almost…

Next week we face another “powerhouse”, Rice. Hahahhahahaah. No offense. But it will be a nice tune up for what we thought was the second toughest game of the year–after $C–Oklahoma. But after OU lost to TCU, they ain’t lookin’ so invincible anymore. they are no longer reloading but rebuiliding. I just hope they aren’t too fired up and take it out on us….

Anyway, hope all of ya’ are having a nice Labor Day. We’re having a BBQ. Steak! I am such the carnivore….

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