Another Saturday


oday my boys in blue will play Rice University. It shouldn’t be toomuch of a big deal. They handled San Diego State pretty handily and so there shouldn’t be much fuss over Rice. but then, if they take any team too lightly–especially if they’re looking forward to next weeks game against Oklahoma–then anything can happen. And in my experience, the Bruins have a habit of overlooking teams they are supposed to beat and then have a hard time winning. I hope that is not the case. they need to stay focused at all times.

Anyway, the game will be broadcast on FoxWest 2 and for some stupid reason, Dish Network does not carry it. Something about only carrying one sports network per region. what kind of BS is that? I am definitely thinking of changing over to DirecTV. As a result, I will be going to our local watering hole again. And this time, I will be going with M’s friends. They’ve neer been to a “sports” bar and the also want to learn the “secret” of the crane game. I tell ’em it’s in the wrist, but they want to watch me play the game to see if they can master it too. well, I don’t mind, as long as I can watch the game….

M will be gone for most of the day, too. She’s volunteering at an gathering of senior citizens. She’s going to lead them in a light aerobics workwout. I hope no one croaks.

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