No, I’m not finished


mmm. It’s 8 AM Saturday morning and I haven’t slept since early Friday, I think… or was late Thursday. *yawn* But I can’t stop now. My brain is filled with linked-verse, and I can’t stop for sleep. I’m afraid I will lose some of the good ideas I still have floating around in my brain. *yahahawn* I have to finish! I promised myself I wouldn’t watch TV until I finished, and I can’t break a promise… well, not usually. Even is UCLA is playing Oklahoma. Must finish, must finish.

Today’s game should be a douzy. Okay, OU is not the team is was the last two years. They no longer have Jason White, they lost to TCU and they looked pretty vulnerable against Tulsa. But that doesn’t mean anything. They are still Oklahoma. They have Adrian Petersen, runner up for the Heisman last year as a Freshman. Bob Stoops is still coach and he won’t let them stay crummy. And their five man offinsive line? I could get all my subscribers together and they’d still be lighter than these five. Gokingsgo said he scored some tickets to the game. Grrrrr…. If only I lived in LA, I’d go with ya’. Please, please join the Bruin faithful in an eight clap in my stead. Here’s a warm up.


You can replace the last “fight-fight-fight” with “beat O-U”. Your choice.

*yawn* Anyway, back to work for me. I’m so sleeeeee… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz