No Time


am sad that I cannot spend as much timeon xanga as I pused to. I used to be pretty good at posting with regularity and also visiting most of my subscribers on a somewhat regular basis, certainly to those who come here and leave a comment. But time has become a commodity that is in very short supply. I can’t even find the time to finish the story “A Bright Light”.

Well, at least the paper is finished. I expect, however, the editor to send it back with comment on what to fix/rewrite. You know, I read somewhere on Xanga that someone (The Vixen?) knew someone who had a first novel accepted by a major publisher and received $25 grand. Is that right? A first time novelist can get 25 big ones? Of course, I’m sure the style and content has to be good. and apparently, this person has an MFA degree, and so has a good grasp of the arts… although, as i think of it, I’m nost sure of the connection between fine arts (painting, sculpting, dance, etc) and writing. Besides, I am a “critic” of writing… sorta. I analyze poetry and read prose rather critically–meaning critiquing and not criticizing, of course.

Anyway, like SammyStorm and perhaps a bunch of other people here on Xanga, I would love to find the time to sit back and write a novel. But I’m not sure I’d have anything to write about… well at least, nothing that would be commercially viable enough to attract a major publisher. Any thoughts? — I’m not try to ellicit compliments, if that’s what you’re thinking. The only thing I know with any degree of confidence is my life as an Asian American, but I’m afraid that that topic would not sell. I always assume that Amy Tan has already tapped out the Asian American theme in mainstream America in novels such as “Joy Luck Club”. *sigh*