Time, Time, No Time


am so tired these days. I wish there were more than 24 hours in a day. I wake up when I can, run if I wake up earlyenough (9-10am), shower, go to work (11-11:30), teach (12:45-2), then teach another class (2:20-3:35), eat lunch (3:45), hold office hours to which I will always have students come (4-5), then teach still another class (5-7pm). After which I grade papers, prepare for class (7-8pm), go home, eat dinner (9-10pm), watch some TV to relax (10-11), walk or run lightly for a bit (11-12am), do any left over work–of which there is always plenty–and then go to sleep when I finish or pass out (from midnight to anywhere between 3-6 am). *yawn*

At the moment, I’m still working on the paper I submitted two Saturdays ago. I got some feedback to which I must respond. It is, unfortunately, time consuming. I work on it in between the hours I have set above. Sometimes I don’t watch TV to work on it. Sometimes I don’t run to work on it, Sometimes I don’t sleep to work on it. *yawn*

I’m dying.

Life isn’t supposed to be like this. Certainly, teaching isn’t supposed to be like this. I have students who insist it is all about time management. Perhaps they are right… But I must insist that for me to exist, I need my own time, time to relax and not think about work. Down time. I want to watch a movie, or work out a bit, or–heaven forbid–read a freakin’ book. Down time is for rejuvenating the mind and soul, and I have had precious little time. The few hours I allow myself to watch TV or run barely allow me to keep sane. I wish I had more time for Xanga.

I miss you guys so much.