Citizenship and Immigration Service


omorrow, M and I go to Immigration (CIS) for her interview. As I previously mentioned, our court appearance in August went well and things were going swimmingly. Two Fridays ago, M went for a medical exam so she could present the results to CIS along with the other documentation needed for tomorrow’s 9:15AM interview. The documentation is voluminous.

  • M’s birth certificate which is of course in Japanese, so…
  • Translation of documentation not in English. Of course no one at CIS speaks Japanese to check my English, so I also needed…
  • An affidavit stating that the translation is correct. Since I have a direct stake in the matter I cannot be the translator. I asked a colleague to look it over and state that the translation is correct.
  • Marriage certificate if the petition for permanent residency is based on a marriage.
  • An affidavit of our relationship from people who know us. This, of course, means they have to go to a Notary Public to get it notarized, a pain in the ass for them to put down in writing that, yes, we are in fact still married.
  • Documentation that we have a continuing relationship. This would include:
    • Photos: this is harder than it sounds as there are few photos with both of us in them since I an usually the one taking the pictures.
    • Bank statement: This too is a pain since our bank only puts the primary account holder on any documentation. So I have to go into the bank and have them draft an actual letter stating that it is a joint account.
    • Insurance: this was the only easy one…
    • Legal document. The only thing legal we share is a deed to our house, but since we bought it before we got married, it is in her maiden name, so I have to get further documentation confirming her previous name and her current name refer to the same person. Fortunately, all I need is the marriage certificate… I hope.
  • An affidavit of support which states that I will support M ’til death do us part, or something like that. Of course this support must be supported by further documentation proving I have the wherewithal to support her.
    • The last 3 federal income tax returns, with W2 forms.
    • A letter from my employer stating that, yes, I’m working.
    • My last two pay stubs as further proof that, yes, I’m working.
  • Documention that I am a legal resident/citizen, like my birth certificate–my passport expired…
  • Criminal record from Fairfax County, to make sure that M is not a felon.
  • There are other odds and ends: drivers license, social security card, etc…

M also needs the medical examination results mentioned above. They were supposed to be ready today, and I called time and again to see if they were, but they kept giving me the run around telling me to call later. By 3:30PM I had no choice but to cancel class because I wouldn’t get there on time. By 4:30, they told me it wouldn’t be ready today. So now I’m really stressing. I cancel class–something I rarely do, even when I’m sick–and I don’t even have the examination results to show for it. “It will be ready tomorrow morning. We open at 9AM.” OUR INTERVIEW IS AT 9:15, YOU COW… No, I didn’t say that. I was just think that… Instead, I tried begging, pleading, please, please, is there now way? “Sorry” was all she could muster.

So, desperate, I contact our lawyer, and she says to just go to the interview and explain the situation. It shouldn’t be too bad, she says. Our lawyer–actually, she’s a paralegal, but she does most of the work for the actual lawyer who represents us, and she is pretty good and helpful and quite sympthetic to our situation–she’s from Hong Kong originally, I think. We are lucky to have her. And she just tells me that I should relax…

So anyway, we’re off to the interview tomorrow, and I hope things will go smoothly. I will try ot make it to class tomorrow, although I warned my first class that if I’m not there by the first 15 minutes, then they could just take off…

Why am I always so busy these days? If it’s not one thing, it’s another…

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