ho fucked up? CIS (Immigration)? The courts? Our lawyers? I don’t know. Our lawyer said that today’s interview was just a formality, so he didn’t have to go and we should save our money. Well, that was not the case. It was anything but a formality. According to the CIS interviewer, we don’t have the standing to re-apply for status because M already has status, that we should have filed for “removal of conditional status.” He just rolled his eyes wondering what kind of lawyer we have. I called my lawyer and she said that they DID file for removal. It’s just that INS is not talking to each other. The interviewer also did not know we had gone to court in August, saying that our court date was scheduled for December 7–isn’t that Pearl Harbor day? This tells me that the court did not return M’s permanent file to CIS in a timely manner. But as far as he was concerned, we had not even gone to court, that the matter was out of his hands and he could do nothing.

Great. We are still in limbo and my step-son, Chip, is in the middle, because we can’t do anything for him until M’s stuff is cleared up.

It is so freakin’ hard to focus on what I should be doing–research, class, grading–when personal things go so freakin’ wrong. I swear, I am losing it. Euthanasia. Now there’s a word that is starting to sound attractive… just kidding. It would be too cowardly, and there are people who are suffering far more than us. At least we’re healthy, albeit only physically… for the time being.


I need something to lift my spirits… Oh yeah! UCLA is still undefeated and DAMN! We’re in the top 10 in the first release of the BCS (Bowl Championship Series or Bull Crap/Shit, depending on which school you go to). In August, I’m sure there were no Bruin fans who would have even dared to dream this. But this only lifts my spirits. M is a good sport and supports my die-hard college football fanaticism, but I’m pretty sure that this bit of news will do little to lift her spirits… Anyone got any suggestions?

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