Sports Entries


aturday’s entry was about my beloved UCLA Bruins. They have been playing their brians and asses off, only to fin themselves as the number nine team in the Bow Championship Series ranking. This is quite an zccomplishment. Seriously. Those of you who have been reading me for the past two year know that I am very pasionate about my team, win or lose. Unfortunately, it has mostly been about losing, and it has been hard. But that doesn’t mean that I’ve given up, and this year’s team has been playing beyond expectation and I simply want to cry in happiness. I wanted to share a part of the drama I have gone through concerning my team in an attempt to express the passion I feel for my Bruins, thereby justifying my entires. Kinda stupid, I guess…

I was fortunate enough to receive comments from a couple of readers who actually read the long entry I posted on Saturday.

jerjonji: what drama! what plot twists and turns… maybe i could end up liking sports after all!!! 🙂

EnderSatomi: that’s the most interesting thing about sports i’ve ever read. =) i don’t know who i’d root for. Matt sounds kinda cool yet

Thanks guys. You make me happier than you can imagine. It WAS a long post, but it epitomizes my stronger-than-normal appeal for my alma mater. Now I don’t feel so bad about writing about sports.

Go Bruins!