Good Morning, Bruin Nation

Another post from the Bruin Forum. Yes, Martha, it’s another sports entry.


orning fellow Bruins,
I’m sure there are a number of you who automatically come here to BG when you turn on your computer in the morning. So I thought I’d leave you guys a wake up message: Four more days!

As you drink your coffee, check out the story in the Daily News. Apparently, the pro scouts have been spying our very own Drew Olson as a legit prospect.

Did you know that there are statistics for “points responsible for”? Well, with 30 TD passes and 1 TD run, Drew Olson leads in THIS category as well with 186 points, 18.6 points per game. He is personally responsible for 3 thouchdowns a game. Is that freakin’ great or what?!?

But I guess it doesn’t matter what kind of numbers you put up. If you wanna be recognized by the pundits, you gotta shmooze with celebrities like superstar Nick Lachey. Maybe Matty (Matt Leinart) is cuter than Jessica Simpson. There is, obviously, no accounting for taste.

Anyway, before you head off to work, one question: Do you have your Bruin gear on? Are you wearing your true blue T-shirt or sweatshirt when you step out to pick up the papers? Going to work? Going to the office? Then are you wearing a light blue (may I suggest french blue) dress shirt and gold tie to the office? If you match it up with a pair of khaki pants, you’ll be in our home colors. Me? I’m wearing my UCLA baseball T, and I take off my UCLA script baseball cap only when I take a shower… and then, only when I wash my hair. (The wife is waiting for the mothership to return the real Gdub back to earth.)

Anyway, just checking.

Today is TUESDAY, and I just wanted make sure that we all go out and… REPRESENT!

Go Bruins, Beat $C!

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