Sushi Etiquette


ave you ever wondered how to eat sushi? I’m sure most of you reading these words have eaten sushi at one time or another, but have you eaten it at a sushi bar? Did you know that there is a special code of behavior to eating sushi at a sushi bar in Japan? Everything from how to walk through a noren–the short curtain hung in the doorway of shops–to how to indicate to the sushi chef that you have finished eating. The link below is a short primer just for you!

Okay, if you’ve watched the video, you probably figured out that it’s a spoof on the “culture” of eating sushi. I’m sure you could tell what was obviously bogus, but was there anything in the video that was legit? Or perhaps there was a portion of the video that got you wondering whether this was true or not. Anyway, let me know. Thanks to Chippy for the link…

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