It’s Official–I’m Fat


went to take my bi-decade physical earlier this month. After the chest-pain, gaseous-intestines fiasco, the doc suggested that I get myself checked out. So I did. I’m not a Doctor’s office kinda guy. Sterile smell. Cold. Musak. Gives me the heebie jeebies. Of course, at least there isn’t the sound of the dentist’s drill. That is the one waiting room I really hate. Anyway, I went for the physical and the doc sorta gave me the once over and said I looked reasonably fit, but she would hold off on any final comments until after the results of my bloodwork. Well, the verdict is in…

I need to REALLY exercise. I mean, no more take-your-time bullshit exercise. No more, I’ll-eat-Doritos-today-and-walk-it-off-tomorrow approaches. My total cholesterol is up (236). My bad cholesterol is WAY up (140), my good cholesterol is down (51). My triglycerides are way, way up (223). I figure I have a few more months to live…

Fortunately, the doctor didn’t think I need medication yet. She wants to see if I have the wherewithal to bring the numbers down on my own. Once you’re on medication, you stay on medication. I guess the idea that you can control your cholesterol with drugs hope may cause to you to take it for granted, to get lazier, and ultimately less healthier. Well, I guess I have a good reason to renew an old New Year’s resolution.

I only hope I’ll be alive to see it through…

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2 Comments on “It’s Official–I’m Fat”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    uh oh.
    Better get that cholesterol down, O-man.


  2. Anonymous Says:

    uh oh.
    Better get that cholesterol down, O-man.


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