Pandora’s Music Box


was surfing around quite a bit during winter break, looking for good ways to get music. The older I get, the more excluded I feel. I hear a song that I think is pretty cool, and a student will tell me that that’s pretty old. I guess I don’t listen to enough radio or don’t watch MTV enough. M would probably kill me if I wstarted watching MTV as well. I watch enough TV.

So anyway, I tried Rhapsody because they were having a two week fee trial. It was okay, but I really didn’t find anything new that I liked. I did find some stuff that M wanted so I actually purchased a few tunes, but when the two week trial ended, I cancelled. But I found another site someone had mentioned on RBJ. It’s a music place that will play music that it thinks you will like. It’s called

Many of you may have already heard of this place–as I said, I’m kinda behind the curve. But this is what they do. They have listened to tons of music and have categorized them. After you join, you create a “radio station”, input the name of groups or songs you like and ased on your tastes, it will select and play songs on that station. You can create as many stations as you like. As the songs play, you can give them a thumbs up or thumbs down and that should further narrow down the kind of music that will play. You can continue to add music as well. So far it has been a mixed bag. Maybe I put too many different kinds of bands on one station, so I’m getting a large selection. But the concept is interesting so I will continue to listen to it before I render final judgement. Just thought I’d mention it here…

2 thoughts on “Pandora’s Music Box

  1. お せんせい、こんにちは。。。
    I don’t know if you like Linkin Park or rap music in general or not, but I think you should listen to Fort Minor. It’s a once-off album by Max Shinoda, one of the guys in Linkin Park and the songs are actually quite nice.
    Few songs I can recommend from the album is ‘Where’d You Go’, ‘Remember the Name’ and ‘Kenji’. The latter is definitely one of my favourite, it’s a song about his family and the internment camp they had to go through. He even incorporated his dad’s and aunt’s voice into the song…really2 cool. Should check it out…

  2. Pandora is actually a product of a Stanford Alum, it was in the Alumni magazine back in the fall…There is another similar online music site that was discussed but I can’t remember the name. Though I’d drop a line and say hi, hope all is well.

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