Grading, grading, grading


spent most of the weekend working on material for class. I intended to spend most of Saturday night grading… well, at least I wanted to get started on the grading, but I forgot that I had to go to a dinner party at one of M’s friend’s house. Like the good little husband, I do as she bids. As a result, unfortunately, I will spend all of Sunday grading my little heart out. Hope I can finish it. I hate returning papers back late. Besides, I’d rather spend my time here on my blog.

Hope all you cats in blog-land are having a more relaxed weekend that I.

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2 Comments on “Grading, grading, grading”

  1. Panda Says:

    OOOOOsu, genki shiteimasu ka? maaa docchi ni shitemo I kinda miss teaching….. PHD yaruka?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Just give them all A’s. 🙂


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