House Husband


his weekend is gonna be another killer. M has had a fever since Tuesday night. So besides my normal busy weekend of grading–another 50 papers for the Film class and 30 papers for the Lit class–I gotta take care of the family. This means cooking and cleaning and laundry. Cleaning and laundry ain’t too bad, and I do like to cook. Tonight, we’re having bean sprouts, nappa cabbage, mushroom and pork stir fry. Tomorrow some tofu and salsa–it’s similar to my tofu pomadoro but with a slight kick. Saturday? I’ll probably be beat with all the gading so I’ll just order a couple of pizzas.

Everyone have a nice weekend!

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2 Comments on “House Husband”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    There must be a virus coming around. My sister and brother-in-law has been sick since Tuesday as well?

    btw your pork stir fry sounds good just about now. 🙂

    Happy weekend!


  2. ws Says:

    This is totally unrelated, but as a result of my obsession with college basketball I read a few blogs and this message was posted on a GW blog regarding seeding in the NCAA’s. “What exactly is UCLA’s claim to fame? “We’re 0-4 vs. the top 25”?? UCLA’s best win is.. what? Nevada, on a neutral court? Meanwhile, their 6 losses include every good team they’ve played, plus Cal and #112 USC. Oh yeah, *that’s* a more impressive “body of work””

    I got a good laugh about it, thought you might appreciate it.

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