It’s All About Me x 75,000


logging is a narcissistic endeavor, if you ask me. Well, you may not ask me, but I’ll tell ya’ anyway. Some have a specific agenda, such as expressing opinions on politics or the environment. Some use it to write about a favorite topic, such as music or sports. But most are personal sites where the blogger writes about his own life. So I guess that makes me just one of the kazillion bloggers out there–narcissistic, self-absorbed.

But that’s okay. We all need to be self-absorbed to a degree. I don’t know anyone who isn’t narcissistic in one way or another. Each of us seem to find our niche and focus on developing that one aspect of ourselves. Those who don’t blog might manifest their narcissism in the way they apply make-up. Others will get into body building. Some draw images that ultimately seem to be the expression of themselves, while others delve into the technical world of computer hacking. The point is that we all have something that makes us feel good about ourselves. Without it we would end up hating ourselves.

So if someone ever tells you you’re narcissistic, just say “Why thank you!” and be glad you have a good self-image.

As for my own narcissistic moment for today, I would like to draw your attention to my hit count. No, I don’t get a tremendous number of hits like Shi or Whonose or the Fongster. But I am flattered to get my share of visits, particularly for an old fart like me. And the number of visitors is reaching another milestone: 75,000. It is, as of this writing, 200+ hits away, which normally would be about three days worth of visits. If you come here and you are number 75,000, please leave me a comment telling me so?

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