Almost 75,000


ince I did not do the amount of work I should have done over spring break, I am now paying the price. Ugh! Oh well, we academics have as much right to relax during spring break as the students, so I relaxed. I did some work, but it was only a little–bibitaru, as they say in Japanese. So I was up late last night trying to catch up and ended up oversleeping this morning… Bad stuff. I ended up missing my train and was late for class by 20 minutes… In my defense, I missed the 12:11 train but would have made class with only a few minutes late had I taken the 12:23. However, the next train did show up until 12:40. So I blame Metro. Before I got to class, I caught some students heading down the stairwell and dragged them back to class. The others were still at there desk trying to figure out if they should stay or go.

They stayed.

And we had a regular class… sorta…

Anyway, the hit count is almost 75,000. If you are number 75,000, please leave me a comment. You don’t have to take a screen shot or anything… I will bvelieve you.

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