NCAA Finals, Baby


e have climbed the mountain. All season, we were injured. We were under-rated. No one gave us a shot of being REALLY good. But, last week, the Bruins held 80-points-a-game Memphis to 45 points. Yesterday, Saturday night, they held the LSU Tiger and Glenn “Big Baby” Davis–another 80-points-a-game team–to 45 points. What is with this defense?!? They are awesome!

We won by a healthy margin, 59-45. The scary things is that it wasn’t even THAT close. The bench played almost as many minutes as the starters. So they were well rested to start off the second half and blow out LSU. We were up by as many as 23 points, and they were dominating. Big Baby Davis got 14 points–he averages more than 20–but most of them came in the last half of the second half when the game was pretty much decided. Man, oh man, oh man. They were sizzlin’.

Now it’s on to the NCAA finals against Florida! Woo hoo!

Go Bruins!