April Showers…


ay bring May flowers to some, but to me they bring on the start of allergy season. I sucks, I tell ya’, totally sucks. The pollen in the air is thick and every orifice in my body is a waiting receptacle for these nasty things. It is killing me…

In March, when some of the tree pollen was increasing, I was deal with it. But Since the April showers of a week ago, the grass pollen has flourished and it is attacking me without mercy. My eyes itch, my nose is stuffed up and my throat is soar. I am losing sleep… literally. I can’t breathe so I wake up from lack of oxygen. Since I am forced to breathe through my mouth, my throat is dry and irritable and I am convinced that the pollen is having a picnic somewhere past my tonsils. I suppose my body is reacting to this infestation of pollen and I have had a slight fever for the past few days. And probably as an additional freebie, I have a headache. I am living in hell, right now. I had all these papers to grade this past weekend–82 to be exact–but couldn’t focus because my body was going bonkers.

Will someone shoot me? No wait, that was E’s line I think…

I’ve tried over the counter medicines, but they either make me drowsy or they make my heart race. I guess the non-drowsy meds like Claritin contain some kind of stimulant, but my body is super-sensitive to such drugs. My heart beat rises and my fingertips get numb. Kinda scary. This happens I have one too many cups of coffee. It would probably happen if I took those diet drugs as well. No stimulants for me…

Anyway, each morning I check weather.com to see the pollen levels for my area and groan to see that both tree and grass pollen are present now. Yesterday, I went to school thinking I could tough it out, but I was wrong. By the time I got home, I was a mess. Couldn’t breathe. Couldn’t see. Nothing. So today, I came to school in my mask. I also wear a baseball cap. People are staring at me, and I wonder if they think I just robbed a bank. M laughs, saying I look like the Morinaga Man, the guy who poisoned some caramel candy in Japan. He too wore sunglasses, a baseball cap and a mask.


But I know this will allow me to breathe better when I get home. So I will put up with (the perceived) slights. I swear, this is killing me.

2 thoughts on “April Showers…

  1. You’re not alone O-man. I have seasonal allergies too.

    My aunt who has severe allergies puts a paper bag on her head everytime she goes out of the house. As long as you don’t put a white sheet on your head, you’re fine.


  2. Wow whee… guess am lucky that I don’t have to deal with this problem. How are you holding up now? And how goes the grading?

    The worst allergic reaction I had was breaking out in itchy red spots on my first day at work at school. Have yet to figure out what caused it.

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