I Won’t Be Shaking His Hands


reviously, I have written about the bad urinal habit of some men at school. I hate the idea of toilet plumes filling the air with little droplets of urine. I hate to piss even more into someone else’s piss–because he lacked the courtesy to flush his own–splattering our mixed piss onto my clothes–If you think splatter doesn’t get onto you to some degree, you’re fooling yourself. So I will flush before I piss, but the thought of the pluming droplets being someone else’s urine is enough to make me want to hold it until I get home.

Anyway, not flushing after yourself is a pretty disgusting habit. But I sometimes gave these guys the benefit of the doubt: Public toilets are pretty filthy and no one really wants to touch anything not attached to their own body. So the other day, I walk into the head to take a leak and there’s a guy who is just finishing. Of course, he doesn’t flush. But I figure he’s one of those clean freaks, unwilling to touch anything in the restroom. Still, I would think that you would have to at least touch the water faucet to wash your hands, right? Well, out of the corner of my eye, I watch this dude stop in front of the mirror, fix his hair a bit, pick his nose, and leave… WITHOUT WASHING HIS HANDS!

Oh my freakin’ God!

I’m kinda stunned as I try to figure out what I just witnessed. The toilet handle is too dirty to flush his own piss, but his dick–and of course the very fingers he was just holding them with–were clean enough to touch up his hair and pick his nose. Where do these guys come from? I think our school should make a hygiene class a part of the General Curriculum Requirement. No one should graduate a university without realizing how discourteous it is to not flush after one’s self, and how FILTHY it is to not wash hands.

But at that moment, all I could think of was: Omigod! Where is he going? To class? Is he going hand in a paper to his professor with fingers filmy with his urine and snot? Will he sit at a desk, leaving his germs for the next student to wipe up? Will he put his arms around his girl friend’s bare shoulder? Will he shake your hand? Will you then shake mine? Oh crap, this is disgusting! Do any of my students practice these very same habits? Handing in papers to me? Coming into my office? Sitting in my chairs? Touching my books? OooOoOoooOoh!

The thoughts were swirling around my brain so fast, that I got dizzy and almost missed the urinal myself. O-toh-toh-toh. Nice save. After I finished and flushed, I washed my hands extra vigorously, seemingly to wash enough for him and me. But in reality I was probably trying to wash the images out of my mind vicariously through my hands.

Anyway, not to put too fine a point on it–When you’re in a public toilet, please flush after yourself, and definitely wash your hands after you use the toilet.

This has been an unpaid public service announcement.

3 thoughts on “I Won’t Be Shaking His Hands

  1. interesting blog, am a fren of pari’s so came into yours..i take up japanese and my grasp of it is bad. anyway, i like your japanese blog, very cool 🙂 keep it up and i w bookmark your site in the future.

  2. agree with you totally onigiriman! I find it gross when people at my work come out of the stall after dropping a bomb, glance in the mirror, and walk out.

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