Message in a Bottle I


have been on Xanga for almost three years and the number of people I have come in contact with is rather staggering. I don’t think I can put a number on it, but there are more than a handful I have communicated with through Planet Xanga. I mean, I have probably met more people through Xanga than I have through my regular dealings at school–well, except for students of course…

In a very real way, it is a way of breaking away from the monotony of work. Of course, one of the greatest satisfactions of being on Xanga was interacting with many of you through comments. Unfortunately, I have been kept very busy at work as of late, and I barely have time to update my own site, let alone visit other sites to leave a comment or even to just say “hello”. So this is my message in a bottle to you guys.

Hello guys! How are things? Going well? Work keeping you busy? School getting harder? How was your vacation? Still walking your dog? How’s married life? Still looking for a girl/boy friend? Anyway, I’m fine, albeit beat, but I will drop by soonest. Love ya’.
–the O-man

Okay, I admit that was pretty pathetic. But I am beat these days. Enough that I’ve kinda decided to not teach this summer. *horrors!* I haven’t taken a break since 1999, teaching Fall semester, then Spring semester, starting the summer session the day after graduation and going on until the second second week of August, only to start the cycle all over again with the Fall semester. I’m bushed.

Deja vu Alert!–I just had a bad case of deja vu! I could swear I wrote the above paragraph elsewhere. Not wanting to repeat myself, I checked here and my other sites to see where, but I can’t seem to find it… If anyone knows, please let me know…

Anway, I’ve already commited to teaching this summer, but I think a colleague of mine may want to teach in my place, and I will gladly hand over the reins. It will mean less money for me–were talking a significant amount–but I think my health is more important.

Of course, this might mean more time spent on Xanga.