Your Favorite O-man Story


nce, a couple of years ago, whonose wrote to me, telling that I should consider publishing some of my writing. I laughed thinking, wou the heck would read it? Or better yet, who the heck would buy it? I have had a number of my students make the same suggestion. One–who already has a book deal of her own–told me that I should consider contacting a publisher as my writing is “mildly amusing.” This is high praise from her as I can scarcely remember her raising anyone. Today, I received another similar comment when I was IMing another student.

mistybeech: i still think you should publish parts of your journals. there is some really interesting shit in there
me: hahahaha, if you are so bored out of your head, why don’t you choose the good ones and let me know. I dont’ know which are good and which are not
mistybeech: my judgment at the moment is not exactlt trustworthy
me: they are all good/bad to me
mistybeech: why don’t you ask your readers to pick their favorites?

Hmmm… now there’s an idea. This sounds rather narcissistic, but do any of you have a favorite post in mind? Is there any one that says, that’s the O’man! If you do, could you tell me? You can give me a brief description of the post–Yeah, I like the one where the O-man is trying to do comedy on stage at a rundown club… or something like that. If you can only remember parts of it, you can do a Google search–onigiriman japanese toilets–and find stuff that way… but I’m sure you wouldn’t want to go to that much trouble.

If you go to my mirror site, the JAJournal, you will find links on the right column to posts that I personally enjoyed–like hot chili peppers, when I touched certain parts of my body I *ahem* shouldn’t have…

Not that this is actually the beginnings of a book or anything, but if there is enough interest and enough material, I may try to put it together in a more coherent manner and send it somewhere for a look see.

Anyway, I hope many of you will chime in and share your opinion.

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