Still Busy


s I mentioned earlier, I am not teaching summer school this summer. I am taking a well deserved rest. But that doesn’t mean I am not busy. Egads! Since I have all this time, M is like, Well, now you can do the things you’ve been meaning to do for the past… 5 years! Like pulling out the shrubbery in front… or changing the toilet seats and plungers… or fixing the hole in the drywall… or CLEANING YOUR DESK.

Yes, I am a slob. It has taken me five days so far, and I am almost finished with cleaming up the area around my desk. Man! What a pain. It is amazing what you can accumulate when you are in the habit of just stacking papers and shit on the floor. I found graded finals from Spring Semester 2003! But it is a bit neater now, and I am surpised at the room I have to stretch my feet when I lean back.

Anyway, so far, I’ve trimmed most of the shrubbery in front, although I still need to pull the roots of the over-zealous azaleas. I have changed the three toilet seats and two plungers that needed changing. The dry wall is another matter. It is a hole in the ceiling and I find my coordination rather lacking. But I will try one more time, when I feel a bit more up to the task.

Besides that, I have been watching my J-dorama as usual and find myself unusually addicted to it. Last week, I thought I’d try to watch some American movies and rented six DVDs from Blockbuster, including A History of Violence, Harry Potter, Memoirs of a Geisha, and Derailed. While I enjoyed watching them, I found myself trying to watch them quickly so I could hurry up and return to my beloved J-dorama! Curse this year’s seniors! A pox on those who have awakened my weakness for sappy Japanese TV shows!


Oh well, back to housework…

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