If you gotta go, just go


was reading how msbLiss‘s little girl is almost potty trained. She mentioned that sometimes she’ll ask her daughter if she needs to pee, but even though she says no, she ends up peeing. Well, ALL kids say they don’t have to go to the potty if you ask them directly. Poop and pee are “bad” things so they will deny it everytime. Even I’ll deny it.

Drinking at our local wateringhole
M: You’ve had four beers already. Don’t you have to use the restroom?
Me: Of course not! I’m a man. I can hold it.
M: But you’ve had four beers!
Me: I’m sitting down, so it hasn’t gravitated yet…

But of course, when we stand up to leave, it all rushes downstream and I HAVE to go before we leave the building. I can’t even hold for the 7 minute drive home.


I was on TV because of bad news in our area. But my brother was interviewed as one of the artists contributing to an exhibit celebrating LA’s birthday. Being the ham that he is–it runs in the family–he posted it on Youtube. If you can’t tell, he’s not the female and he’s not the black guy being interviewed. He’s standing in front of his “work of art”, a low-rider rickshaw, a piece that fuses an abstract, distant Asian image with a concrete, close-at-hand Latino reality. Check it out if you have the time…