Sleepy Head


have a presentation on haiku today, and with the start of school and all, I didn’t reallyhave that much time to prepare–we won’t mention the fact that i had all summer. In any event, I was up until 4AM getting ready and I am beat. Hopefully, a nice brick shower will wake me up before I go-go.

As for being sluggish–Sammy, Goober–I too like the cooler weather, but I get sluggish because a 50-year-old body does not respond well to a sudden change in temperature. The cool brsk autumn air feels great on the face, but the chill causes other portionsof the body to function a little slower, much like a cold engine. It takes just a little bit longer to warm up. My internal parts are hot and ready to rumble like you youngins.

Speaking of sluggish: I teach literature and fancy myself an expert on words, so this is a bit embarrassing, but as I stared at the word, “sluggish” just now through these sleep-deprived eyes, it just struck me. Sluggish = having or manifesting the characteristics of a slug… I am like one of those slimey things that leave a shiney trail in its wake. *shiver*

Okay, that woke me up… Have a great weekend guys.

And, Go Bruins!

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