Holy Frak!


attlestar Galactica is back! (No, I didn’t mean to rhyme.) After feeling let down by Lost–but I do have hope for next week’s episode–I was wary of the premier of Battlestar Galactica. Man, oh man, oh man. Last season ended with the minions of the 12 colonies settling on a new habitable planet they dubbed New Caprica. Now, BSG is a science fiction story based in space, so last May I found it worrisome that the characters were going to be grounded. Thank the gods of Kobol my worries were unfounded.

Warning: Possible spoilers ahead

What a story! I find it so freakin’ interesting that the humans–the good guys–become occupied and act in a way that resembles people whom most would consider extremists: They begin an insurgency. They plant bombs to destabilize the occupiers. There’s even a suicide bomber. Col. Tigh Jammer becomes a central figure and a hard ass to boot. But I guess, if I lost an eye, I’d turn into a hard ass too. Man oh man, this story is so hard core. If you didn’t get a chance to see it, the SciFi channel usually runs it at least two more times before next Fridays episode–check your cable listing. If you don’t have cable or satellite, you should be able to catch Act One of the first episode online at SciFi Pulse. If you did see it, you may also want to go to BSG Webisodes. There are ten short Resistance clips that are not part of the TV episode, but explain why Jammer joins the New Capricorn Police, and why Duck decides to become a suicide bomber. Man oh man, this is just too good.

Oh yeah, there’s a funny music video comparing the old BSG with the new one. They sorta make fun of the way they dressed back then and even name Lorne Greene specifically. Grace Park does a Q&A as well. That in itself is worth the visit.

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