Distant Dad


bviously, everyone’s got my number. Yes, the answer was number 2. I would like to go see my daughter as often as possible, but that is difficult for me. Responsibilities to my immediate family compel to stay put. The only way I would go to Japan is to go as a family and, as you all know, M’s passport and green card issue have yet to be resolved. Rest assured that if and when it is resolved, you guys will be among the first to find out about it. Until then, I stay at home, wishing I could see my daughter who will turn 20-years old next week. In Japan, that is the year you become an adult. I presume she went to her seijinshiki, the coming-of-age ceremony held by every local government. I hope she sends me a photo of the event, but it was in January and I have yet to hear from her.

Oh well. I guess I’m just an absentee dad. The distance feels overwhelming and sad.