Weekend for B-ball and Asparagus Survey


s usual, I have a lot of work to do this weekend. I have to read student reviews of Rashomon, directed by Kurosawa, as well as grade a batch of mid-terms that I gave the Thursday before spring break. That would be two weeks ago. Bad, bad, sensei! Of course, I will be tempted by extracurricular matters, but I will be strong. No drama, no drama, no drama. Oh yeah, UCLA is in the Sweet Sixteen of the NCAA b-ball tournament, but…

Well, maybe just one game…

And if they win tonight, then maybe Saturday’s game. But other than that, I will not, WILL NOT, watch TV and focus on the work I need to complete. I mean, I AM the responsible sort and should take care of work before pleasure. The choice is easy, right? Grading-basketball; grading-UCLA basketball; grading-UCLA basketball NCAA tournament; grading-UCLA basketball NCAA tournament’s Sweet Sixteen.

“Ha!” That’s what I say… The choice is soooooo easy! Now, where’s that remote control…

I think the indentation seems reversed; it seems more like the comments should be indented and your response in line with the rest of your entry… oh well.
Posted 3/18/2007 8:07 PM by TheGooberBoy

I swear, there’s a critic in every crowd…

Anyway, while I watch the game… I mean, while I grade papers, I’m gonna eat a lot of asparagus. I had a student come in today with his girlfriend, who is also my student, and for some reason, we were talking about a healthy diet and the topic of asparagus came up. It is my favorite vegetable, if not one of my favorite foods, and the student agreed except that “it makes your pee stink,” he said. I laughed and agreed, but his girlfriend said she had never noticed any significant difference in odor. “It might be a guy thing,” we laughed.

Of course, this is not based on any scientific research. Based solely on personal experience–and corroborated by one male student–when I eat asparagus, my next pee will have a very distinct and pungent smell. M also says that there is no perceptible difference in the odor. So in the interest of science and scientific methodology, I will put it to you guys in a simple survey.

Does eating asparagus make your pee pungent? Please let me know with a yes/no response along with your gender. And don’t be bashful ladies and gents. It is, after all, for science…

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