Staying Alive

There are moments in everyone’s lives when it seems that everything is happening at once, when life seems to be so hectic that you just want to scream. So here goes…


There, I think I feel better….

In any event, there are a lot of things on my plate, but the stress I feel is partly self induced. Yes, I watch too much TV. My excuse for watching J-drama–I look for things I might use in class, as well as help me keep my Japanese level up–is growing less and less compelling. The dramas do keep me on my toes with my Japanese and it allows me to stay in tune with an ever-changing language and pop culture–Did you know that you can exchange telephone and email addresses with someone else just by pointing your cell phones at each other and “sending”? Well, I didn’t. Did you know that you can use your cell phone as a debit card? Well, I didn’t know that you could just touch your phone on the pay-pad at the 7-Eleven or the ticket vending machines at the train station, and the money will be debited from your bank account–scary thought, don’t you think? Did you know that you could not only watch TV on your cell phone, but you can also record them as video? Well, I didn’t know that either. I mean, how much memory does a cell phone have in Japan? It boggles my mind.

Still, I need to “edit” my viewing habits as it is cutting into my other responsibilities. I mean, I still teach and grade–and with a degree of efficiency since I know that I have to manage my time better–but I feel exhausted all the time. I thought that J-drama would be my “down” time, a time when I can relax, but it isn’t… not really, as I am always “learning” things and writing them down and looking up new words, etc.

And there are other things besides school work, too. I held a curry gathering for J majors this past Friday. That, of course, takes time to hold, about two and a half days, actually. Buy food, prepare food for more than 20 people, entertain–or try to–and the clean up, which in itself takes a whole day… as M is wont to remind me… and remind me… and remind me… So that is time away from grading and preparing for class and, of course, watching J-drama…

This is also tax time, and I finally finished and sent my taxes yesterday. Whew, one job done…

As for immigration, I had to cancel one class last week to get some more stuff done. In fact, M and I had to go to two different immigration offices last week, on Wednesday and Friday. But just to let you know, our petition to get M’s Green Card reinstated was finally approved. I will talk about it later when I have more time. Thanks to those who expressed concern and offered well-wishes. I appreciate your thoughts and comments greatly.

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