Space Time Continuum

It’s nice to realize that the space time continuum is consistent and time is still relevant. Do you remember–or perhaps still experiencing–the difference in the speed of time? When you are waiting for the end of the Fall semester, October and November seem to go by so slowly. And yet, when Winter break arrives, it seems to end in the blink of an eye.

Well, these days–and those of you working stiffs will probably agree–that time in general seems to have sped up. Have a deadline? It arrives in no time. Christmas? Is it here already? But I’ve come to realize that one’s personal space time continuum remains constant. While time in general has sped up, this summer–when I’m really not doing much and just relaxing as I do some research at a leisurely pace–is going by at light speed. I swear, I go to sleep on Sunday night–actually Monday morning–and when I wake up its Thursday… THURSDAY! Who the heck deleted Tuesday and Wednesday?!?

What gives?

So while I’m pleased at the consistency of time, I’m beginning to get stressed–and losing some of that energy I thought I was recharging–because I am not accomplishing as much as I wanted to this summer. Ugh…