Weekend roundup

The weekend was very busy. Every year, faculty must submit an individual Annual Report: What classes did you teach; Number of enrollment; What did you publish; What service did you provide; et cetera, et cetera. Well, I got my report back with a response from the new dean, who by all accounts is a good person. But my feedback was less that sparkling. She reminded me that I should pay heed to details such as student evaluations… Huh? Her comment suggested I don’t them, which is patently false. I found out that the department failed to forward them, and now I look bad. And of course, I teach a significant number of courses, but my research and service is “modest”. So, at the recommendation of the Chair, I wrote a… well, not a rebuttal, but a description of the state in which I find myself–over-worked. Of course, I couldn’t write that. I don’t want to sound whiny, and I don’t want to complain, because I’m not. I love to teach and I love my students–well, most of them, anyway. And I don’t mind the work. But the sheer volume I wade through on a daily basis might explain my “modest” productivity elsewhere. I don’t need any violins playing in the background, but I don’t want people thinking I’m a slacker either.

So anyway, I spent the entire weekend working on this response. I wrote it once and it did sound whiny and perhaps a bit rambling and unfocused. So I rewrote it like a paper, then restructured it like a presentation–bullet points and even a pie chart! I’m so proud of myself 🙂 But this two page document–more like four pages double spaced–consumed my entire weekend…


Hahahha. Nah. It did take up a big chunk–like 14 hours? But I did have time to watch my beloved UCLA Bruins stick it to Cal. 30-21. This season has been crazy. Div. II Appalachian State knocks off Michigan, Stanford upset $C and Vandy knocks out South Carolina. Even Notre Dame–that perenial powerhouse–can’t buy a victory… okay, they do have one victory, against… against… against… ucla. This has been an incredibly frustrating season for UCLA fans. I mean, we are good enough to beat Cal, a very good team–certainly better than Notre Dame–but we lose to the otherwise winless Irish. Go figure…

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