Going unconscious

There is just too much work. They should have an anti-over-worked-teacher law on the books. I am exhausted. I just finished grading the midterms for my readings in modern Japanese course. Today was the J-Lit in Translation midterm, so I have a brand new stack of exams and essays in front of me. And I just finished making the Literary Japanese midterm for tomorrow, which means another stack.

Not only that, I had to take an online exam yesterday–or was it two days ago? The past two weeks have been a blur. Anyway, I had to read some online material on Human Subject Testing. Yes, you’d be surprised what we do in Japanese language and literature these days. Actually, I am involved in a research project with my colleagues and part of the research requires that we take surveys on the efficacy of our product–a Japanese language textbook. Unfortunately, giving surveys constitute “human subject testing.”

So I had to read this thing called the Belmont Report and a few other online “courses” so we don’t abuse the people we survey… or something like that. I end up staying up all night because my colleague tells me on Tuesday that she has to submit paperwork by Wednesday on the primary researchers, including evidence of completion of the course. I delve into a series of online readings and take a series of online quizzes. Bleary-eyed and exhausted, I finish around 4:30 AM. Luckily, I pass…

… just barely. 75% is passing and I got 78%. I figure I took the course in one sitting and passed it in one attempt, so it’s not too bad. Sure, the score isn’t great, but I can now test human subjects. Hahahahhahaaa.Sounds kinda scary, don’t you think?

So like I was saying. I’ve got all this other shit to do right in the middle of the semester, with midterms and papers literally adhering themselves to my body. And all I can think about is the next J-dorama I’m missing.

I think I’m gonna pass out…Someone catch me.

2007.11.04–1:01, 5.29