I Hate Battlestar Galactica…

Because it’s so frackin’ good.

Saturday night, the SciFi channel aired Battlestar Galactica: Razor. This story is supposed to satiate us while we wait for the final season of BSG due sometime in 2008. But it backfired. This story did not satisfy me one iota. All it did was whet my appetite for more, MORE, MORE BSG. The show is so gritty, so on the edge that it is just too cool for TV.

Warning! Mild spoilers ahead: Razor gives us the back story of what happened on the Pegasus under Admiral Cain before it met up with Galactica. The Cylon war starts unexpectedly for the Pegasus with nuclear attacks and Cain turns into a brutal commander as she is driven to seek revenge on the cylons. She will resort to any means to sustain her ship and continue her agenda–shooting a subordinate and stripping civilian ships of necessary items are nothing to Cain.

All this background is provided through the memories/ flashbacks of Cain’s former bridge officer Kendra Shaw, who follows in the footsteps of her mentor, making reckless tactical decisions as Lee Adama’s new XO on the Pegasus.

This two hour special was great, if you’re a BSG fan. An in your face drama about the brutality of war. The actual story was so-so, mostly fleshing out stories that were mentioned in passing in previous seasons. The show also gave a glimpse of the genesis of the human cylons. But it was too brief to mean anything significant now–except one of the humans rescued as part of this cylon experimentation looked like Grace Park. Hmmmm. I wonder if we get a good look at those rescued humans, will we discover the identities of the real cylons amongst the human population?

Speaking of which, I was disappointed that Boomer–Grace Park–hardly appeared at all. But Admiral Cain was pretty hot. She was a memorable character as Ensign Ro, the former Bajoran rebel on ST:TNG, but I never thought of her as hot. But as Admiral Cain. Zowie! Maybe it’s the uniform… or maybe her rank–that’s her on the very left in the soon-to-be-released DVD covers above (yes, she’s a bit airbrushed in that pic.) In any event, I’m glad they made Razor if for no other reason than to give Michelle Forbes one more appearance in uniform.

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