One more week

Man oh man oh man… no pun intended…

School is almost out! Just one more week. Then I can look forward to grading finals and then doing research over the winter break. Whooppee!

This semester has gone by soooooooooooooo fast, I can’t believe it. Did someone speed up the space time continuum and forget to send me the memo? I swear, I thought Halloween was just a couple of weeks ago, and here we are just about to enter December.

Oh well.

On a side note, my schools played each other last night. I mean, there really was no conflict for me. When UCLA was going up and down the court, there was no sense of guilt or remorse whatsoever. Go Bruins!

Now if only some of that basketball success would rub off on the football team. This Saturday is our rivalry game, but I have a baaaaaaaad feeling that we’re gonna have our asses handed to us… in not too polite a fashion.