Backward camel

Holy moly! It’s freakin’ cookin’ outside. It’s 95 degrees, 45% humidity and feels like 102 according to But I didn’t need them to tell me. I feel like a roast cooking over a low heat. If it would only melt off the fat…

Still, I went running outside for an hour. Well, more like walking and jogging a bit. I didn’t want to kill myself. As I walked through the park, I saw an acquaintance with her three year old daughter and we exchanged greetings. I reminded the little girl that she should make sure to drink lots of water because of the heat, and she proudly showed me her water bottle.

“Where’s your water?” she asked.

“Me? I’m a lemac.” I told her.

“What’s that?”

“You know what a camel is, right?.”

“I know,” she assured me.

“Ah, and you know that camels have a hump, right? What’s the hump for?”

“I don’t know.”

“Well, that’s where they keep water, so they can cross the desert without drinking. Do you have a hump?”

“No!” she cried out adamantly.

“That’s why you have your water bottle. And where’s the camel’s hump.?”

“On it’s back.”

“Right. And I don’t have water because I have a hump too. But its not on my back,” I said as I patted my stomach. “That’s why I’m a lemac. I’m the opposite of a camel.”

The girl’s mother forced a smile at this corniest of jokes. But I didn’t care, my audience was the little girl. Unfortunately, she didn’t laugh. She didn’t even grin. She just stepped up, patted me on the stomach and asked, “That’s all water?”

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