Random thought fully disclosed

Okay, in the interest of honesty, I must confess. I chickened out. I didn’t go to the National Mall. The weather.com forecast and my past experiences told me to stay home and watch TV. Yes, M expressed her, um… disappointment. and I kept a nervous eye on the dry sidewalk all afternoon. *gulp*

Thankfully, around 5:30 PM, a half hour before the scheduled concert, it began to rain steadily. It didn’t pour down like a storm, and there were no bursts of thunder as forecast, but the rain was steady enough for about an hour that I am sure we would have had a very uncomfortable time on the Mall. Now, if I was a young whipper snapper, like most of you–and young means anyone under 42–then the rain would have meant little. But a fifty-something and bad weather are not a good match.

Never fear, however, for I have promised M that we’d go on a picnic on the Mall next weekend. We’ll probably go to a museum or two, and I may again go to the Japanese American Memorial dedicated to the 442 in search of my cousins name. So if you see a Riceball waddling along the Smithsonian, be sure to say “Hi.” Don’t be shy like Senorita, who saw me in the Metro in DC but didn’t ask me if I was me until she left a comment on my blog. I don’t bite, I swear. I’ll even say “Hi” back.

Another thought: It has been fun writing regular posts again. I had forgotten how therapeutic it could be. It allows me to lose myself in my thoughts, and it is much more productive than watching J-drama, although I’d be a liar if I said I had completely stopped watching them.

I must say, however, that a lot of the people I used to be in touch with through Xanga have either stopped or postponed blogging; or have moved on to other sites beyond my reach. When I look at my subscribers list, many of their names are still there, apparently receiving my posts by email. I wonder if they still get them? I’m just curious. How about a comment just to say “Hi, I’m still reading.” Haahahaaha. How narcissistic of me.

Oh well… I’ve been going through my own subscription list. I’ve canceled a few, especially those that say–So-and-so’s site has been shut down by its owner. That would be a pretty good reason to unsubscribe, no? But there are others who look dead in the water, but I am reluctant to unsubscribe to people like jpblkgirl, or detachable, or eechim, or bane vixen, or paikey poo, or Hattori Hanzo, or mattblue, or those days or vannessa, or nefarious_hatter. There are more, I’m sure, and if I didn’t list you its because it just slipped my mind. These were good people who alway brought a smile to my face. I wonder what they’re doing these days?