Financial Crisis

I wake up today and find out that Wachovia has melted down. I don’t want to get too graphic, but I swear, I thought I’d find bricks in my underpants. WTF is going on? I mean, I have a CD in Wachovia, not a big one, mind you. I am a man of modest means, but geez, do the freakin’ fat cats exemplified by those on Wall Street and in the current administration have to take this away from me, too? By having allowed less regulation and oversight in order to scheme new ways to get even richer? Think sub-prime loans, derivatives, et al..

Thank God for Citicorp. They bought out Wachovia and absorbed billions of dollars in losses, but it kept little guys like me from jumping out windows. I mean, I live pay check to pay check, saving virtually nothing because prices continue to go up while my salary remains static. I’m trying to figure out which part of the economy is strong. I must be in the wrong place because I don’t see it anywhere near me.

Who said the fundamentals of the economy are strong anyway? Who said that we are a nation of whiners? Who said that the person she supports–McCain–could never run a corporation like HP?

I swear, who doesn’t think we need a change?