I’m such a Twit

I had heard of Twitter quite a while ago when the people at RBJ began tweeting–I think that’s the verb–with each other. I resisted. I swore that I have enough sites to my name at places like Blogger, Hotmail, Aim, RBJ, LiveJournal, WordPress, Nutang, CafePress (yes! buy Onigiriman goods!), Flickr, Shutterfly, YouTube, MySpace, Flickster, Technorati, just to name a few. (Just so you know, I don’t even deal with many of these sites anymore, I just want to hold onto my name. ) I figure that it was enough. I even have a Jaiku account which is I think similar to Twitter, so I thought, “Why bother?”

Well, it seems that everyone on TV is talking about Twitter. It’s like the Facebook for 2009. So what did I do today? I registered.

Unfortunately…. Someone already is using my screen name. I mean seriously, my name is so unique, why would anyone want to steal it? Worse, I don’t think this person is using it because s/he has no updates, no followings, no followers. What’s up with that?

Oh well, I don’t own a cell phone so I don’t know when I’ll be tweeting, but I will try to do what everyone else seems to be doing–Exposing every facet of his/her life. Sheesh. What is this world coming to?