Random Thoughts

I am still adjusting to tweeting on Twitter. Most seem to write about their everyday life–I going to lunch, I worked out today, I’m meeting a friend for drinks tonight. I started to do something similar, but I am unsure if other people want to know or even care about the minutiae of my everyday life. So instead I’ve been tweeting things that don’t necessarily deal with specific activities of my everyday life, but express more about what I’m thinking or feeling.

In the past few days, this is what I’ve written (some editing was involved):

  • Anyone know what is “pi day”? Is it about “pies” or the ratio between a circle’s circumference and its diameter?
  • Onigiriman is really digging the original UK version of Life on Mars, although the slang is sometimes a pain in the jacksie.
  • Onigiriman needs a bolt of energy to get his butt moving forward, but a ponderous, cloudy DC Sunday is not helping.
  • Onigiriman wants to know: What is OpenDNS? Can someone explain this to me?

Can anyone answe some of these questions? I’m not getting much of a response from these tweets, but then what can you say in 140 characters or less?